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"Redha was able to identify the issues we were having in moments and unlocked my mare's full potential. She is much happier. I would recommend Redha wholeheartedly to anyone who loves their horse and wants to improve their riding."

Tracy Frasz,

First Team Realty, Tustin, CA


Advanced In Hand Work

Classical long lining is an art that few trainers utilize in today's dressage world but it is one of the most effective ways to teach horses about self carriage and balance without the weight of a rider.  

For 10 years, Redha perfected these skills as the Head Rider of the Lipizzaner Show and trained several Lipizzaner stallions how to performed airs above the ground maneuvers in the shows.  The young stallion pictured to the left with Redha received high praise for his ideal capriole style from the top trainer at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria.  


Later Redha started every young Andalusian stallion at Medieval Times in the long reins and  taught many coworkers and students the precise techniques it takes to perfect movements like piaffe, passage, half pass, levade and a bow from the ground.  

Medieval Times Head Trainer in California

From liberty to alta escuela acts, the Andalusians steal the show at Medieval Times for horses lovers.  Redha had the pleasure of working with this beautiful breed for the last 10 years at Medieval Times in Buena Park California.  "I love the Andalusian for their impeccable trainability and regal personalities.  Even as stallions, these horses are an amateur's dream in the dressage world.  I was blessed to be able to work with such nice young horses at Medieval Times" 

Dedicated Instructor and Stable Manager

For over 20 years, Redha has overseen the health and care of up to 30 performance horses at one time as well as taught many riders to perform with the horses in the show.  Even with vigorous show schedules, the horses took top priority and received the best care through routine check ups or during long term rehabilitation care.  

Redha received formal training while earning his equestrian degree in Algeria and has professional been an instructor of Grand Prix Show Jumping as well as a Dressage Instructor for all levels through FEI and High School.  He takes pride in teaching students and horses of all ages and levels.  His goal with every lesson is that the rider better understands how to communicate with their horse to make riding easier and enjoyable.  Redha focuses on the foundations of riding that is essential in all disciplines.  With a solid foundation of dressage, his students have reached many personal and competition goals.  Please take a look at his testimonials from his students and colleagues.

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